REASONS WE AGE..Collagen fibre and hyaluronic acid are the connective structure that keeps our skin youthful, supple and hydrated. But over time, this collagen matrix becomes jumbled instead of parallel and level as it was in our youth. As a result skin loses plumpness and hydration; wrinkles form.  Free radicals and chemicals also diminish collagen and hyaluronic acid. What was once a strong and resilient matrix of connective tissue, becomes a disorganized jumble, the major cause of ageing. And the process is happening every minute of every day. Also an important polymer which serves as a blueprint for the production of collagen, decreases rapidly once we hit the 40s. The destruction of precious collagen and hyaluronic acid is relentless and combined with the slowing down of cell reproduction, wrinkles and lines inevitably appear. This destructive process is hastened by environmental and external factors, ie. exposure to UV light, excessive alcohol, smoking, medication, smog/traffic fumes pollutants, insufficient sleep, overwork and stress. The unpleasant result is ever deeper wrinkles and lines, often combined with thinner and sensitive skin. The effects can be noticeable from as early as the late 20s, increasing during the 30s, and intensifying in the 40s. By the early 50s, often a facelift is considered, but this is a drastic measure, carrying a big risk. And there is no guarantee the result will be to your liking. Dermal Fillers are the answer and can take the face back to when it was more youthful, fresher and less lined. Plus, sticking to a dedicated regime, such as: adequate sleep, a good moisturising programme, drinking water throughout the day, (which hydrates the skin from within) exercising as much as possible, using a high factor sun screen, not smoking, keeping to a sensible diet and drinking alcohol to a minimum, will all help to delay the ageing process.

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